Physiotherapists play an integral part in the health sector and hence are required in all hospitals.

Excellent interpersonal skills are necessary for the job of a physiotherapist because it is very people-oriented. To be a good physiotherapist, one needs an above average analytical and logical reasoning skill, scientific reasoning and problem solving skill, ability to memorize and recall scientific facts, manual dexterity and physical stamina to work long hours, patience and understanding of people, a sympathetic approach towards the patients, a keen desire to help people live their normal lives, must be level headed to deal with emergencies in work conditions, strength of mind and purpose, team spirit, good observation power, ability to instill confidence and courage in patients. These attributes together with a thorough knowledge of human anatomy are the makings of a successful physiotherapist. The work demands an organised and systematic way of working. Working as per the directions of doctors, keeping a record of the work done and technical precision are important in the profession.


Students with a science background can opt for a career in physiotherapy. To become a practicing physiotherapist or be employed as a professional in a hospital or clinic, one should have a B.Sc. degree. One could also go in for postgraduation.

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