OT Technician

  • Duration: 10 weeks

OT Technician

A Variety of electrical and electronic equipment are in use in modern operation theatres for monitoring

anesthesia & surgical procedures. The success of the procedures and safety of patients depend largely on the reliability, smooth and trouble-free performance of this equipment and skilled anesthesia. There is an increased need for qualified and trained hands in the field. This course is aimed at satisfying this need of the state.

An operation theatre technician is responsible for the management and work are done in the operation theatre-like noting the number of in and out of patients in the operation theatre, taking care of the surgical instruments, sterilization of the instruments, arranging table in the operation theatre, dressing table, anesthesia table, instruments table and also managing the staff.

Other duties include managing medicines and drugs needed for surgery and also have to assist the operating surgeon while performing the operations. Surgeons depend on operation theatre technicians for assistance in doing surgeries. No hospital can work without the contribution of an O.T. technician.

As the number of hospitals is increasing every year, the opportunities for O.T. technicians are also on a rise. Several reputed colleges and universities are offering courses in O.T. technicians.

Course content
During the course, students are given a firsthand experience of the lessons they learn in the classroom. Examinations, discussions, and seminars are conducted regularly to enhance the knowledge of the students. The faculty is well experienced to train the students as per the existing standards.

Job prospects
After the completion of this course, students can choose to work in private and public hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Persons who want to be associated with the medical field can benefit from this advanced course in O.T. technicians.

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